Finiam is a small and curious team focused on the development of fintech products. We did a branding revamp, design and development for their new website, and a marketing strategy for its relaunch.

As a result, their brand feels human, engaging, and adaptable.

Branding, web design, no-code, marketing, copywriting, illustration, creative coding


We wanted to expand the brand identity and create a visual communication. As Finiam is focused on development, they were lacking visual representations of what they really do.

Besides, Finiam wanted to take this opportunity to start using social media more strategically and also to attract talented people.


We positioned Finiam as they are: human, approachable, and skilful; with a people-first mindset. We expanded their visual identity by reworking their colour palette and adding movement, motion, and illustration to the brand.

We also prepared a social media plan with content focused on their goals. This plan is consistent and targeted to the channels that make sense.

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As they say: “Crypto madness? We make it easy.” For that, it was essential to reinforce the voice and the brand's communication, so it looks and feels unique and memorable.

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We needed to expand the identity to create new possibilities for using the brand in different mediums. One of the ways to do this was to rethink the colour system.

Earth-colours helped to give this brand a more human feeling. This was also a great strategy to avoid the usual blue and dark colours, which are often used in the tech industry.

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We made the human feeling present on the copy combined with the use of illustration created by Rita Laranja.

For the logo, each letter grows its personality. We gave them movement, dynamics, and scale so that they can work individually. We also worked with p5.js to create cool interactive animations for the headers, so each user can have a surprising experience while exploring the website.

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“The communication between our team and Onda was clear, easy, and consistent. Onda was very welcoming of feedback and open to discussing new solutions. Besides, they did offer new inputs we could have never thought of, which delivered a lot of value to our brand.”

CEO, Finiam — Take a look at the full review