Ally is a weekly delivery service of healthy snacks tailored to the consumer’s taste and diets. It provides delicious breaks without the fuss of preparing them. It also introduces products, adding an element of surprise and excitement to our routines.

Ally’s core focus is to make snacking personal, for each and every customer.

We worked on a brand refresh from naming to brand strategy and everything in-between, including a mascot.
The result is a brand that is attentive, charming, and full of personality.

Branding, Naming, Copywriting


We actually had three challenges in one (not in this specific order): to create a curated experience, develop the brand’s personality, and make people feel personally taken care of. At the end of the day, we wanted people to be happy for receiving a box made personally for them, and to always look forward to receiving the next one.


A down to earth, inclusive, and good spirited brand. To achieve this we worked on design assets and a tone of voice that engage the user, making the experience of receiving the Ally box feel personally made for them, beyond just the specific snacks inside.

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Why the name Ally?

As it’s a personal service, we wanted to give a personal name to the brand. Ally ties in with the charming personality we wanted to create and the personal experience. Besides, let’s not forget that it’s all about taking snacks personally too.

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Ally is all about catering to personal preferences while opening up a world of snacking possibilities.

It was important the packaging reflected its healthy focus and caring attitude. We wanted the customer to feel this was a personal experience by using hand written elements and using stickers to make each box personal, every time.

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Ally’s personality and voice

Ally, the mascot, is adventurous, curious, and irreverent. Ally's eyes are always visible to portray its constant search for the best snacks.

We tell stories that show how much Ally cares. Ally is bothered when we don't have food, and it is willing to fight crocodiles, climb trees, swim to the deepest sea, or make monkeys go bananas - all this to find the best snacks.

This mascot has an endless hunger for variety and bringing joy to people.

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