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Ground control to major wave

Ground control to beyond the wave

We are your new team of designers and storytellers that will unlock the potential of your business.

It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.

Captivating an audience can be a headache, right? Especially in a world where everyone is online.

We feel you. We understand your challenges and have the knowledge to make your brand have a lasting impression.

Together we make a partnership with shared responsibility. We put excitement and ambition into everything we do, we want to make each project better than the last one. Together we deliver ground breaking experiences.

Our office is anywhere really.

What it’s like to work with us.

You need room to be creative. We give you room.

To our clients, we give room for open feedback and teamwork. For the team at Onda, we give room for dialogue and to explore their skills. We trust each other to do work on our own terms. Together we make a team of equals, working towards the same goals project by project.

In the middle of all our tasks, we also find room to just hang out. We don't believe in following the crowds and do what everyone is doing. We do what's best for the team and the client, everyone is different and we embrace that here.

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Insights and solutions with zero boredom from cool creatives.

Welcome to the Onda Community.

We belong to the Subvisual Universe. This means being on board with companies that share a people-first mindset and the mission to bring solutions to ideas that empower people.

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