CTO Portugal

Leadership can feel lonely, but it doesn't have to be. CTO Portugal is the community for tech leaders based in Portugal.

Web design, copywriting, no-code, motion graphics


To create a website that communicates who this community is for, how to join, and the requirements to become a member.


A lively landing page that introduces the community and promotes its members and their journey in technology. All this with the empathic message that "leadership is lonely, but it doesn't have to be. You're not alone. Start the journey with us."

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Orange and yellow are the colours of CTO Portugal. We chose orange for the background because its strength makes the landing page remarkable.

The tech industry is full of life, dynamic, and is made of new perspectives and solutions. Inspired by that, we created a layout that is clean and easy to navigate, and we added animations to bring more energy to it.

The animation in the header, for example, shows the variety of topics around leadership that members can talk about in this community. The "house rules" animations help to grab the reader's attention to more static content.

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Regarding the tone of voice and the brand's personality, we went to the heart of why tech leaders would like to join. After studying the target audience, we realised that people in leadership roles can feel isolated sometimes. This is because their job requires making decisions and guiding people without having someone to ask for advice.

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CTO Portugal is an inclusive and safe space where tech leaders can exchange knowledge and experiences without being judged, creating a feeling of camaraderie and sharing insights that will make one a better person and a better leader. Thus, we developed a voice that is welcoming, inclusive and modest. The copy shows the spirit of comradeship and respect lived in the community.

This project was designed in collaboration with Jagoda Kondratiuk.

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“They guided us through the process and communicated well via Slack, which helped trim any rough edge.”

Co-Founder, CTO Portugal — Take a look at the full review

CTO Portugal